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May 1, 2015

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Gambling Addiction Help

March 14, 2015

Gambling addiction is a kind of impulse-control issue which is also considered to be a mental health problem. When you suspect yourself or someone to be a gambling addict, you should seek a gambling addiction help center to help you or someone you know recover from the addiction.

Gambling addiction is a behavioral addiction wherein the reward center of the brain is activated and releases dopamine which causes the behavior to be addictive, much like substance abuse disorders. Just like any other addiction, gambling addiction also has its warning signs such as:
•    Gambling escalates wherein the individual gambles more frequently and bets more and more money.
•    The person feels elated before, during and after the gambling session.
•    The person is lying about his gambling activities.
•    The individual tries to win back his/her losses by gambling more.
•    Debts are accumulating and they are gambling related.
•    Relationship with people who are related to gambling can also be tainted with borrowing of money for the purpose of gambling.
•    Gambling-related anxiety, depression and drinking.
•    The person ignores his/her work, family and other responsibilities for the sake of gambling.

If you are experiencing these warning signs or if you know someone who is experiencing them, go to the nearest gambling addiction help center to get professional help.
Gambling addiction is a personal experience and the treatment should be designed according to the needs of the individual. There are online help centers that offer individualized gambling recovery programs that correspond to the needs of the person with gambling problems. Check them out to see which program can offer the best help.

How To Play Canasta

January 20, 2015

Canasta is a card game that originated in Uruguay. It is generally played with 4 players, two sets of partners. There are variations of the game that allow other numbers of players. The game is played with two decks of cards.

The dealer is chosen by a draw of cards. The highest ranked card deals first and the dealer rotates clockwise after this. The dealer takes the two decks of cards including the four jokers and shuffles them. He deals 11 cards to each player in a clockwise motion. The remaining are placed in the middle of the table with the top card flipped starting a separate pile. The flipped card cannot be a three or a wild card. Wild cards are jokers and twos.

The first player in the game is seated left of the dealer, after this player the play goes clockwise. A player draws from the stack in the center of the table or may pick up the entire discard pile. A player may start his meld at this time. Meld is at least three like valued cards or a mix with wild cards. Natural cards have to be the majority. The initial laydown has to meet point requirements. If your score is 0 to 1495 the minimum point total of initial melt is 50. If you have points between 1500 to 2995 the initial meld would be 90. For scores above 3000 you need to start with 120 meld.

Object of the game is making canastas. This is a stack of like valued cards numbering 7. There are natural canastas and mixed canastas, that have wild cards. Scoring for the game is based on all cards played plus bonuses. Bonuses include going out for 100 points, each mixed canasta 300 points, each natural canasta 500 points, each red three 100 points, all 4 red threes 800 points. You take these points and minus the held card values. If you do not have a canasta all points are negative.

To go out you have to play all the cards in your hand. This play must include a discard. If all cards from the draw pile are used the discard pile is flipped over.

A new card game: Gin Rummy

March 27, 2012

Gin Rummy can be played in a number of different ways, but the goal is generally to get all cards as either a triplet or a four-of-a-kind. Play Gin Rummy and learn what cards to throw away with tips from a gaming specialist in this free video on card games.

Playing Hearts

January 22, 2010

Hearts is a fun and interesting card came. The object of the game is not to take any points at all. You can get a possible 26 points per round of the game. The hearts are worth one point a piece and the queen of spades is worth thirteen points. The object of the game is to give your opponents all the points and make them lost while you take as little points as possible to win the game. Most games play till someone reaches 100 points, however you can determine another amount if you wish to.

The game consists of four players. The dealer deals out all the cards to the players. The players then select three cards to pass to the player on their right. After the pass is done, play begins. The person holding the two of clubs leads. On the first set, you cannot play any cards worth points. The play continues clockwise and the player that put down the highest card takes the book. If you have a card of the suit that the person leading the hand threw down, you must play that card, otherwise you can play a card of any other suit.

The queen of spades is the worst card to catch in one of your books. This card alone is worth thirteen points and can break the game for you if you catch it in one of your books. Other players that do not have the queen of spades will try to draw the card out of your hand early by using the other high spade cards and force you to play it.

A great way to win at the game of Hearts, is to “shoot the moon”. This is a very complicated strategy that requires you to take all the point cards. If you can successfully take all thirteen hearts and the queen of spades then you take zero points and all other players take 26 points a piece. This is a hard play to pull of, but if done correctly it can significantly raise your chance at winning the entire game. If you think someone is trying to “shoot the moon” then it’s better to purposely take a few points, rather than allow them to “shoot the moon” and give you the full 26 points. If you execute this properly then that person can end up taking all, but one point and you have raised your chance at winning.

Hearts is a great game to play with friends and family. If you have a home computer that has a Windows operating system on it, then Hearts comes as a pre-loaded game on your computer. You can use this game to practice your strategies before taking on some real time players or other players online.

Card Games : How to Play Uno

November 18, 2009

Uno is a crazy card game very similar to Crazy Eights in which a player gives each person seven cards, with the cards having a variety of values. Play Uno and learn strategy with tricks from a gaming specialist . Watch this free video:

How to Play Spit

July 22, 2009

Spit is a fun, fast-paced card game for two players. To begin, you only need one deck of shuffled cards, not including Jokers. The two players sit facing each other. Each player gets half the cards, but don’t look at them.
To set up, each player should make piles of cards, as if setting up a game of solitaire, but with just five piles. So the first pile is one card, and the second pile is two cards, etc. Only the top card of each pile is turned up. The leftover cards are called your “spit cards.” Lay these off to the side. If you have duplicate cards on your five piles, you can put those cards together and turn up the card underneath. For example, if you have a 2, 3, King, 3, and 10 on top your piles, then pick up one of the 3’s and put it on the other 3. You can do this anytime throughout the game. The top card on each pile should always be turned up. Now you’re ready to begin.

Each player turns up a spit card and lays it in the middle. The players can start laying cards on both spit cards. The card that you lay comes from your upturned cards on your five piles, and it must be a card that comes sequentially before or after the spit card. For example, if your spit card is a 5, either player can lay a 4 or a 6 on top of it. If your spit card is a Jack, either player can lay a 10 or a Queen. For an Ace, you can lay a 2 or a King.

Once a card is placed on the spit card, both players continue laying cards until there are no more possible moves. Then you both “spit” which means you each lay a spit card again. Whoever runs out of cards from their 5 piles wins that round. The winner takes the smallest of the two spit piles, and the loser takes the biggest pile, and you start from the beginning with those cards.
At some point, a player will have all their cards on the 5 piles, with no spit cards to spare. This round will only have one spit pile that both players lay on. When a player completely runs out of cards, they are the winner. In some games of Spit, players are only allowed to use one hand. This rule needs to be agreed upon before the game begins.

How to Play Omaha Hold ‘Em Poker

March 13, 2009

Omaha Hold ‘em poker is one of the most popular forms of poker in the world. It is similar to Texas Hold ‘Em in that players sit around a table, are dealt cards, and wager based upon what kind of hand they can make by combining the cards in their hands and the shared cards on the table. However, Omaha Hold ‘Em is played somewhat differently from its more famous counterpart.

The most distinctive aspect of Omaha Hold ‘Em is that each player gets dealt four cards instead of two. This can lead to more opportunities for good hands than there are in most types of poker, but it can also be tricky because players must use two hole cards, which are the cards in a player’s hand, along with three of the community cards on the table. For example, you might have the ace of spades, the king of spades, the queen of spades, and the four of clubs. The five community cards in that situation are the four of hearts, the queen of spades, the jack of spades, the seven of hearts, and the eight of hearts. You could see those five consecutive spades up to the ace and think you have a royal flush, but that would be a costly mistake since you would only have a pair of fours and would therefore almost certainly lose a ton of chips betting with misplaced confidence.

Omaha Hold ‘Em poker is often played as a Hi/Lo game, which means that the pot, which is the chips in the middle of the table, is split between the player with the best hand and the player with the worst hand. This is more complicated than it sounds, because it doesn’t matter whether someone has a straight or a flush for a low hand even though that does matter for a high hand. What does matter is if the player can put together two hole cards with three community cards in order to make a hand with no pairs and no card higher than an eight. Therefore, an ace, two, three four and five, all of clubs, would almost certainly with for both the high and low hand. A jack, seven, five, three and two of various suits, despite being a terrible hand, could not win the low part of the pot. Hopefully now you know how to play Omaha hold ‘Em.

Street card game…

February 28, 2009

Do you know the 3 cards game? This is a basic and very simple technique, just watch the video:

Texas Holdem… A Winner’s Strategy: Bluffing!

February 2, 2009

Playing Texas Hold em` poker is easy. Winning is the hard thing. There are many strategies that you can use to win the game. You just have to figure out which one is the right strategy for you. Some people are really good at being a straight forward player and only playing hands that are sure to win, while others depend on bluffing the other players in order to win the pot. There are many things to think of when you are playing, but always remember that your strategy is the best one for you.

One great winning strategy is bluffing. Bluffing is something complicated to do and takes an experienced player to pull off the right way. When you are deciding to bluff you have to remember not to give away what is actually in your hand. You want to make the other players think that your hand is the best hand that their could be, however you don’t want to be too obvious or you will give your bluff away. The best thing to do when bluffing is to raise the pot. If someone bets a certain amount, bet above that amount by at least twice the minimum bet. It will make people think that you really have something, when in reality you can have nothing at all. If someone calls your bet, then you want to consider what they could have. You don’t have to hold your bluff all the way through if you are pretty sure that someone has caught you bluffing. Being smart when you bluff is the most important thing. Look at the pot odds versus how many players are still in the game. It’s harder to bluff with several people still in the pot versus only one or two players.

Another great strategy at winning is to be an honest player. If you only play the hands you get that are really good, then 9 times out of 10, you are going to win. This will prolong the game for you some, however in the long run it will play off. There are many ways to tell if you have a good hand. A pocket pair of any number is a decent hand from the beginning and you should stay in the pot for at least the first three cards. After that you can decide on whether your hand is still good or if you need to fold. If you have cards that are high numbers (10 or higher) that are both of the same suit, then you also have a good chance at winning.

There are many good strategies at winning a good game of poker. Remember your tells and use them to your advantage. Switch things up to confuse the other players, and always be conscious of what the other players are doing. Paying attention to everything going on is one of the best ways to winning a game. Even if you are not in the particular hand, you can learn things about the other players in the game. If you are a new player, then read up on other players strategies or watch World Championship Poker on television. Seeing how the big name players play their game can help you build your own strategy that works for you.