Playing Hearts

By admin, January 22, 2010

Hearts is a fun and interesting card came. The object of the game is not to take any points at all. You can get a possible 26 points per round of the game. The hearts are worth one point a piece and the queen of spades is worth thirteen points. The object of the game is to give your opponents all the points and make them lost while you take as little points as possible to win the game. Most games play till someone reaches 100 points, however you can determine another amount if you wish to.

The game consists of four players. The dealer deals out all the cards to the players. The players then select three cards to pass to the player on their right. After the pass is done, play begins. The person holding the two of clubs leads. On the first set, you cannot play any cards worth points. The play continues clockwise and the player that put down the highest card takes the book. If you have a card of the suit that the person leading the hand threw down, you must play that card, otherwise you can play a card of any other suit.

The queen of spades is the worst card to catch in one of your books. This card alone is worth thirteen points and can break the game for you if you catch it in one of your books. Other players that do not have the queen of spades will try to draw the card out of your hand early by using the other high spade cards and force you to play it.

A great way to win at the game of Hearts, is to “shoot the moon”. This is a very complicated strategy that requires you to take all the point cards. If you can successfully take all thirteen hearts and the queen of spades then you take zero points and all other players take 26 points a piece. This is a hard play to pull of, but if done correctly it can significantly raise your chance at winning the entire game. If you think someone is trying to “shoot the moon” then it’s better to purposely take a few points, rather than allow them to “shoot the moon” and give you the full 26 points. If you execute this properly then that person can end up taking all, but one point and you have raised your chance at winning.

Hearts is a great game to play with friends and family. If you have a home computer that has a Windows operating system on it, then Hearts comes as a pre-loaded game on your computer. You can use this game to practice your strategies before taking on some real time players or other players online.