How to Play Spit

July 22, 2009

Spit is a fun, fast-paced card game for two players. To begin, you only need one deck of shuffled cards, not including Jokers. The two players sit facing each other. Each player gets half the cards, but don’t look at them.
To set up, each player should make piles of cards, as if setting up a game of solitaire, but with just five piles. So the first pile is one card, and the second pile is two cards, etc. Only the top card of each pile is turned up. The leftover cards are called your “spit cards.” Lay these off to the side. If you have duplicate cards on your five piles, you can put those cards together and turn up the card underneath. For example, if you have a 2, 3, King, 3, and 10 on top your piles, then pick up one of the 3’s and put it on the other 3. You can do this anytime throughout the game. The top card on each pile should always be turned up. Now you’re ready to begin.

Each player turns up a spit card and lays it in the middle. The players can start laying cards on both spit cards. The card that you lay comes from your upturned cards on your five piles, and it must be a card that comes sequentially before or after the spit card. For example, if your spit card is a 5, either player can lay a 4 or a 6 on top of it. If your spit card is a Jack, either player can lay a 10 or a Queen. For an Ace, you can lay a 2 or a King.

Once a card is placed on the spit card, both players continue laying cards until there are no more possible moves. Then you both “spit” which means you each lay a spit card again. Whoever runs out of cards from their 5 piles wins that round. The winner takes the smallest of the two spit piles, and the loser takes the biggest pile, and you start from the beginning with those cards.
At some point, a player will have all their cards on the 5 piles, with no spit cards to spare. This round will only have one spit pile that both players lay on. When a player completely runs out of cards, they are the winner. In some games of Spit, players are only allowed to use one hand. This rule needs to be agreed upon before the game begins.

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